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What is mixing?

To mix is to blend or combine into one mass. The “mixing” of your audio tracks plays a vital role in the final “feel” and quality of your song or production. You might think mixing would be fairly simple, but it’s actually the most critical phase (besides recording) when trying to squeeze the most out of your sound.

[wvc_pricing_table title=”Mixing” currency=”$” services=”Send us your tracks and we’ll mix them down. $5 more for WAV file.” price=”75″ link=”||target:%20_blank|” tagline=”2 – 3 Days”]
[wvc_pricing_table title=”Mastering” currency=”$” services=”Send us your mix and let us master it for you. $5 more for WAV file.” price=”50″ link=”||target:%20_blank|” tagline=”24 Hours”]
[wvc_pricing_table title=”Mixing + Mastering” featured=”yes” featured_text=”Best Results!!” price=”100″ currency=”$” services=”Send us your raw tracks and we’ll take care of the rest! Includes both MP3 + WAV files.” link=”||target:%20_blank|” tagline=”2 – 3 Days”]

What is mastering?

Equalization, compression, limiting, what does it all mean? All are just a part of the mastering process that will give a good mix the ears and touch that it needs to really sound “polished” and ready for mass distribution. Ready to have that quality sound like the pros? Let us mix and master your project!

Want your track to have a quality sound like this...?

A word from Big Beater

At, we’re passionate about what we do. Afterall, if you truly love to do something are you truly working anyway? We’re proud to have a team of creative artists, producers, engineers, and business consultants to bring you the best possible value without sacrificing quality.

For over seven years our team has been perfecting our respective crafts while still remaining students to the game in this ever-changing world of music and culture. While trends will come and go, a piece of fine art will always be fruitful.

That’s why I’d like to personally thank you for stopping by to check us out here at and encourage you to keep grinding whoever you are and wherever you are.  Just remember, if you need high-quality beats, mixing, or mastering hit us up!

Only the highest-quality production and audio engineering services!

We don’t let anything leave our lab without passing our strict quality assurance tests and guidelines. With an array of tools and techniques at our disposal, there’s no project we can’t work with. Still have questions? Hit us up!

The formula for a quality song:

Passion 90%
Experience 80%
Recording and Mixing 70%
Mastering 50%
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